We all know the saying “when will I ever use this in the real world?” but have you actually ever thought of all the real uses of math? The truth is math is all around you. It’s hard to find a career today that doesn’t at least use basic math. Here are our top five careers where you wouldn’t think you need math.


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Firefighters actually have plenty of opportunities to use math for their job.

They need to calculate the pump pressure to determine the PSI (Pounds per square inch) on the end of the nozzle by determining how much water will be required for any given structure that is 100 percent involved in fire. The firefighter must calculate the area and divide by 3 which gives the gallons per minute required to extinguishing the fire.

Police Officer

Math plays a huge part when it comes to police officers. They need use math to reconstruct car accidents as well as hit-and-run cases.

For collisions, officers need to find the speed at which the car is going to determine details.  


Photography involves math by many different parts of the camera, and how to use it. Like shutter speed, aperture openings, the inverse square law, the “Rule of Thirds” and more.

Shutter Speed; The shutter speed of a camera is how fast the shutter moves and how long it stays open when shooting a photograph.


Chef’s use math constantly for adjusting a base recipe for different situations. It is crucial for managing the gross profit for food items, the more often they would change the menu, the more they need math.


Believe it or not, music and math have a very close relationship that stretches back thousands of years to the very origins of music and civilization.

Music and math are both strongly based on patterns with music being the creation of patterns and math being the study of them. Music relate to a variety of mathematical perspectives, including geometry, number theory, trigonometry, differential calculus, combinatorics and signal processing.