It’s National introduce a woman to engineer day. Being a mathematician and being involved in STEM this is a big deal. However, days like today have an extra special meaning because of a little-known secret.


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I remember being a little kid, my mom driving me to school and playing math games in the car. I remember the first numbers I learned to multiply while I was on my way to school. (2 x 15 = 30). All because my school phone number was 2-15-30-41. I remember talking to my mom after school about some math rules that blew my mind. A major reason I was able to do those things and find a passion for math at such a young age, was because my mom is a Chemical Engineer.

In honor of the woman that had to put up with me my entire life and all woman engineers:

5 Types of Engineers

1. Chemical Engineer

Ever wonder how candy tastes so delicious? Just ask the chemical engineers coming up with awesome new flavors. PS – The secret of how chemical engineers make M&Ms has been a well-kept secret for a 100 years.

2. Electrical Engineer

Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison had a famous feud about electricity. Nowadays, electricity is such a vital part of our lives it has been taking some leaps and bounds towards the future. Think of it! We can charge our phones without even having to plug them in or have cars that drive completely on electricity. What will the future bring?

3. Mechanical Engineer

This is one that us at EasyMath get to see on a daily basis. Our friends from Altura Engineering & Design have some awesome daily projects. Also, ever wonder how Tesla makes their awesome cars? A lot of Mechanical Engineering.

4. Software Engineer

Computer Science has been trending upward with all the advancements in technology. Being a computer engineer you get to solve the problems of the future. Look into what we as a society are going to need before we know it. Maybe you can create the future?

5. Aerospace Engineer

Have you ever visited a relative out of state and had to fly there? Or watch a helicopter on a TV show? A group of really smart Aerospace Engineers had to come up with those designs. Here in Amarillo, we have BELL Helicopters – A Textron Company, that makes some of the best helicopters known to man. Every once in a while, you can see them flying on the horizon. Think of the number of lives your work can help by being an Aerospace Engineer.