Curling has quickly become one of the most exciting sports to watch during the Olympics because of how unique the game is. The athletes often go through a lot of jokes due to the manner of the game. The truth about curling is that it’s full of science, angles, endurance, and precision. The sport is one of our favorites in the Olympics, in honor of the great month-long, worldwide competition also known as the Olympics. Here are our favorite five facts about curling.


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1. The brooms are a big deal!!

As the ice melts on the surface; the water creates more friction for the stones moving through the ice. The brooms are for sweeping the water in front of the rock to control the speed and direction.

2. The players run the sport.

The rules for the sport are the same throughout the world, and there is no need for officials. There can be some problems with the scoring because of this, and there are some mishaps at times. Just this year a player asked the crowd if the stone was in or out because another player moved it.

3. It's not as easy as you think.

Most people might think they could get off the couch and be just as good as anyone competing. With curling, that thought might happen much more than ski jumping, but it is surprisingly tricky.

4. It's one of the only mixed sports in the Olympics.

One of the events is mixed doubles. Other than figure skating, curling is the single other events that have both a male and female competing together to try to get gold.

5. Curling is relatively new to the Olympics.

Although curling was in the first ever Winter Olympics in 1924, The sport didn’t get recognized by the Olympic committee until 2006. Considering the time spent on working to get the game accepted, we would say it was a win for the curling community.