The average high school baseball and softball season fifteen exhibition games and two tournaments equaling around twenty-five games in total for the season. Out of that fifteen exibition game span, about half of them are away. The time spent traveling to and from these games is usually two hours in total, and the games are generally in the middle of the afternoon. That means these athletes have to leave at the beginning of their school day leaving no time for any school work to be completed.


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Tournaments are a different beast in themselves because they last between two to three days in total. High school athletes tend to not stay in hotels between those days. That means they have to travel back and forth every day to these tournaments and spend the whole day competing. Athletes are still supposed to work on school work during this time but if they have to leave school early and end up missing their classes, how are they going to know the material for their homework?

Math is one of the only subjects that if you miss the lesson explaining the material, you are already left behind. Tutoring for student-athletes in high school is minimum. In college athletics, students can get paid to travel with the team to make sure they get the proper tutoring they need. In high school that isn’t the story. Until now.

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