Spring is finally here!!! The cold weather is finally going away and that leaves the door open for sunny days, warm weather, shorts and basically everything good if you enjoy this season. For students, Spring also means the beginning of the end for the school year. Procrastination becomes a massive problem for some people because they start to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but the problem is sometimes that light can blind them from their school work.


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School tends to get more stressful towards the end of the semester for a variety of reasons. Baseball, Softball, and track are in full swing and that requires a lot of time from students. School work begins to become more of a drag and students just want to get it over with. The main reason for the rise in stress levels has to do with the end of year test that are starting come into the equation. Everyone knows that the STAAR test is a big deal and some students begin studying months in advance but that’s a very select few. For most students, the STAAR test is always in the back of their mind, but they choose to wait until the last second to start studying.

We here at EasyMath have the perfect solution for the majority of students out there with the EasyMath test prep program. The common misconception with studying for a test like the STAAR test is that need to cram as much information as you can in your brain at once. We found that all you need is five quality minutes a day to prepare for the STAAR test. EasyMath has partnered up with teachers to provide students the best studying experience possible.

The STAAR test is coming fast but it is not too late to prepare. Download 314 EasyMath on Apple and Android today to be ready for everything the STAAR test throws your way.