As a person who struggled with math on a daily basis, I can relate to anyone who is having a hard time right now. Math never came naturally for me so I would have to put the extra time in just to understand the material. The problem with doing this was I never really wanted to put in the extra time focusing on math if I could be doing something else. Even if I did want to study a little extra, there still was a strong possibility that I wouldn’t understand the material.


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I am writing this for the student’s who are just trying to pass the class so they can move on because that was exactly how I was. The fear of being viewed as “stupid” kept me from going to school led tutoring. I was falling behind on every single lesson because I was trying to play catch up which led to a lot of unnecessary stress. It would get to the point where I would just give up and get the grade that I get. My weak math grades in high school made college a lot harder because I had to take extra math classes just to be able to take college algebra. After that class, I never had to take another math class again.

To anyone who might be struggling in math right now, just know that math is something that a lot of people struggle with. Don’t think that just because you have to get tutoring means you are a sub-par student. I let my pride get in the way of getting tutoring and it made things a lot harder for me. I wish I had EasyMath while I was in high school because I could have had help whenever and where ever I was at the time. The main thing I would have to say is, don’t give up on the questions if you hit a hard patch. It will require some extra work to figure it out but at least when you are taking your test you will know the material. If you need help then download the EasyMath app today because who knows, maybe I could have turned that C average to a B if I had the EasyMath app with me.