Having the opportunity to be a college athlete is the dream for most high school student-athletes. The sad reality of that dream is that for most student-athletes, it will only be a dream. Nearly eight million students currently participate in high school athletics in the United States. More than 480,000 compete as NCAA athlete and an even smaller percentage will move on to the professional or Olympic level.


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 What if you are apart of that 5 % of students who do make it to the next level, what should you expect next? The recruiting process is a very exciting and stressful process at the same time. Coaches will be constantly checking up on you and your grades and on top of that. Once national signing day is over, that’s when the real “fun” starts.

 College athletics will constantly test both your mental and physical toughness and just when you think you have nothing left; class will demand more. Math is the student-athletes biggest threat in their first-year. Math is a subject that demands extra time in order to understand the material and time is a luxury student-athletes don’t have during the season. That is why you see 18 % of all first and second-year student-athletes drop out of college.

 That was almost my story with math but luckily I squeaked by with a C. That was before EasyMath was a thing and I was always needing a service like EasyMath. We understand the importance of training for sports. We know that the weight room directly correlates to the field but we also believe that the classroom is just as important for on-field success. EasyMath is your academic weight room and will be there for you to ensure success for both on and off the field.