5 Reasons why students need a tutor

5 Reasons why students need a tutor

By Alejandro Magallanes
November 07, 2017
Founder & Head Math Nerd 3 min

For a fact, math is the most hated subject there is. It’s always the same story, a student will be in class and not understand what the teacher is talking about but is too afraid to ask the teacher for help because they don’t want the other students getting annoyed. This then leads to the student getting left behind trying to play catch up but what if I say   it is never too late to get back on track and get the help you need. Tutors are the best way to make sure you stay on top of your school work and to get the most out of your lessons.

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Here are 5 reasons why you need a tutor:

1. Test

Have you ever had a test and just decided to wing it? There is no better feeling when you pass a test that you didn’t study for but in reality, those moments a few and far between.

Meeting with a tutor is a simple way for you to go over your work with someone who understands the material. This way you can be reassured after the test that you actually killed it!

2. Confidence

Unlike number one. Have you ever been so confident about a test that when you walk into your class you feel like nothing can stop you. The only feeling better than passing a test on accident is when you sit down to your desk and decide you don’t need those precious last seconds to study.

The best way you can achieve this feeling is making sure you understand the material. How can you do this? Thats right, you get a tutor.

3. Movin on Up

Maybe you are doing good in your math class but good isn’t good enough for you. The best way you can assure your grade moves up a space is to get a tutor. Most people just need a small push to get them on track and move you up a letter grade whether that be a C to a B or B to an A.

4. Entertainment

Who said math shouldn’t be a good time? With math you literally have the world at your fingertips. We at EasyMath strive to show everyone that math can be a fun. The EasyMath app has a variety of educational videos that provide a different perspective on learning. Coming soon EasyMath will have augmented reality videos so you will be able to watch videos wherever you are, using your surroundings.

5. World Domination

Last but definitely not least. Getting a tutor and understanding the material means you are one moving one step closer to world domination.

Math can tear down even the smartest person at times. When you don’t understand a question you can get frustrated and start to feel down on yourself but what about when you figure the question out? You feel empowered and ready for more.

The one thing that all of these reasons have in common is that they all can be easily accomplished with EasyMath.You don’t need to spend a hour with a tutor or even leave your couch when using EasyMath. If you need help just take a picture and upload it to the EasyMath app and within three minutes, a tutor will respond and help you with everything you need. The best thing about EasyMath is that you have a tutor with you no matter the time or the place.