At EasyMath, we like to have fun! We think math should be fun too.


Heads Up MATH!



Heads Up Math!

Heads up Math! Is the fun and hilarious game from EasyMath to make it easy for students to learn definitions, and you can play with your friends in the classroom, at home, road trips or anywhere!

Guess the word on your forehead from your friends’ clues before the timer runs out!

Our Mixtape

For years people have been using songs for learning opportunities. EasyMath has made it easier for students to remember key formulas and concepts. People love them so much we are officially verified artists. Check out our songs and follow our playlists.

Animated Videos

Students remember stories better. Our animated videos tell stories students can relate to and learn from in a fun way. Over 50 videos ready for people to learn. No more boring whiteboard videos with just numbers.

Teachers are Rockstars (Coming in September)

To build the best app possible we interview 100s of teachers and we realize every teacher is a ROCKSTAR. We decided to create the “Teachers are Rockstar” podcast to listen to the awesome life of teacher across the country.